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OPTO IV is a great way to track outstanding frame, spectacles, and contact lens orders for patients. If you bill a patient for one of these items, it will tag an incomplete order to automatically put the patient on the order tracking system.

You may print a report sorted by both alphabet (for the front office) or by due date (for your lab). This way you may check on orders before the patient calls you wondering where their order is. The report is designed to be used as a worksheet and is usually updated once or twice a day. The patients phone numbers on the report makes it easy to call people as orders are received or you may press a key to get an address label for a postcard. Complete spectacle and contact lens orders are stored in the computer. If you have a fax/modem attached to your computer, you may fax the prescription orders directly to the lab by the computer without even printing the orders.


A report may be printed at any time allowing you to forecast which frequent replacement lenses will be needed in the next weeks or months. This eliminates the need for a large inventory of lenses. A separate report may be printed weekly with the names and lens prescriptions of patients who should be running out of lenses in two weeks.


OPTO has an interface to the UPC version of Electronic Frames Data. This allows you to quickly look up size and color availability and automatically calculate the price of the frame. A bar code scanner finds the frame instantly and enters it into the patient's Rx record and into inventory. Frames are priced out automatically from a formula based on the information about that frame. You may print labels with bar codes, prices, size, manufacturer, etc. using a special printer. The labels are very small and attach easily to a tag which slides on to the frame temple.

You can quickly receive frames into your inventory by scanning the bar code or by looking the frame up in Electronic Frames Data. The invoice date, invoice number, and an expiration date are stored with the frame information so you will know when frames need to be returned for credit if they have not sold. OPTO then knows which frames have been returned and lets you know which frames have not been credited to your account.


Detailed frame usage reports may be printed for whatever time period you desire. These are normally printed when your frame rep visits you. This will let you know which frames you have used for that manufacturer. An analysis of the type of frames you have on hand is also provided.

Templates are provided for many contact lens manufacturers, so that you can scan the bar code on the box of lenses and all of the contact lens specifications will be entered into the patients Rx as well as the lenses taken out of inventory.


bulletLaser Bar Code Scanner
bulletCo-Star SE250 Bar Code Label Printer
bullet1 Year Subscription to Electronic Frames Data (If you already have the Frames Book)

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