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OPTO has a "user-friendly" Menu system. Most of the tasks that need to be completed are shown and explained on these menus. There are hundreds of error checks in the program to help you avoid entering information which does not make sense. For instance, OPTO does not allow you to enter in a partial date or one that is not valid. More than that, a message will appear telling you what is wrong with the entry and suggest how to correct it.


We make extensive use of reminder lists in order to make data entry easier. For instance, you may choose the patient's insurance company from a list, rather than type in the name. This is used for things such as diagnosis codes, expense account numbers, insurance names, patient types, zip codes and many more.


There are literally hundreds of ways of setting up the different parts of the program. We will help you decide which choices you need to make to get the system to work the best way for your practice situation. In this way, the program is customized for each practice.


Most of our printouts and communications are printed on either plain paper (bills, statistics, daysheets, HCFA1500 forms, VSP Basic Benefit Form, etc.) or on your stationery (letters, service agreements, etc.) rather than on specialized forms.


Our printer configuration is so sophisticated, that you can have several printers hooked up with different types of paper and OPTO will automatically know which printer to send the information to. This is somewhat interdependent on the hardware you are working with.


A default answer is the answer OPTO tries to figure out and enter for you. We make extensive use of defaults throughout the program. During the training sessions, you enter a lot of default answers into the system for use later on. Defaults may always be overridden, but the majority of the time, the default answer is the right answer and you only have to press the f key to accept the answer, rather than fill in the answer.


We make use of the graphics capabilities of your printer when possible. This makes the printouts much more impressive for communications or when presenting them to financial institutions.


OPTO is a very integrated system. This means that information entered in one place is used extensively in many other areas of the program. This eliminates duplicate entry of information in the separate modules of OPTO. For instance, changing a patient's address in one section, automatically changes it everywhere in the system.


Telephone consultation using an 800 number is provided for one year at no additional charge. You cannot learn everything there is to know in two days. The training sessions provide basic instruction and help with all of the setup options, so you are ready to start using the program quickly. Additional help is usually necessary the first few weeks after installation and occasionally after that. We will help you find solutions to problems unique to your particular situation as questions arise.


A very thorough reference and instruction manual, as well as a tutorial, is provided with the system. OPTO's manual is written in English, rather than "computerese". The manual includes much more than technical instructions, as much of it is devoted to practice management techniques.


You will continue receiving software support and program enhancements after the first year for a reasonable software service agreement fee. Program updates are available to download from the internet.


We have organized several pages of worksheets for you to fill out before the training session begins. This makes it easier for you to gather the information your system needs to function properly. During the training session, you will follow a training guide through a series of exercises designed to lead you through most of the situations you are likely to encounter when you start using the system.

We have many recommended special techniques for getting the system utilized quickly in your practice. If you follow these suggestions, your "computerization" experience will be less traumatic.


bulletTraining in our classroom

When you come to our location, you are able to concentrate specifically on learning the basics of how to utilize OPTO. You will not be distracted with phone calls and other office related chores. This training is included in the cost of the software.

bullet Training at your office

If it is not possible for you to come to our office, we will send a trainer to your location. You must set aside two days of uninterrupted time to learn the system and get off to a good start. There is an "on-site" fee charged to take care of additional expenses involved in getting a trainer to your site.


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