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OPTO 3 is totally integrated with OPTO 2, so you can get an Income and Expense Summary with the income side coming from information you are already entering on the daysheet. Expenses come from the checkbook and depreciation entries.

Refunds, NSF Checks, and deposits entered for the daysheet will automatically be entered into your checkbook. Not only can you print the actual checks if you wish, but your checkbook will be totaled and balanced by the computer.

When entering payroll checks, the FICA, Medicare, Federal Withholding, and most state income tax amounts will be calculated and deducted from the check for you. The amount of salary is calculated based on the hours worked and the salary rate of the employee. When quarterly taxes are done, you get all the information needed for those forms by printing the payroll reports.

Vendors are registered along with the expense accounts normally used for those vendors. This allows checks to be entered quickly, with amounts posted to the correct expense accounts and automatically printed on the laser printer.


Sick leave and vacation time can be calculated and added to the employees record automatically.


bulletRegular and Payroll Checks
bulletPayroll Reports
bulletEmployee Sick Leave and Vacation Reports
bulletIncome & Expense Summary
bulletFinancial Statement
bulletList of checks to a certain vendor 
bulletList of checks to a particular expense account
bulletVendor list
bulletW-2 Forms
bullet1099-Misc Forms

OPTO III makes it easy to keep your financial status up to date and quickly generate reports for your tax accountant.


Reconciling your checkbook with your bank statement is as simple as marking an X on checks which have cleared your bank and is done very quickly. You need only look at your bank statement, as you can sort your checks in the same order as the bank statement for reconciling.


To get started using OPTO III, you will fill out a few worksheets, send them to us, and we will set up the system for you. We will enter your chart of expense accounts, set up the payroll information, and configure the system to work the correct way for a Cash or Accrual system of accounting, and for both incorporated and non-incorporated practices. You will then be set to start entering check information and vendor information immediately.

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