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OPTO II is very integrated with OPTO I, the communications module. It helps you manage the income area of your practice by replacing your manual daysheet, deposit slips, billing statements, accounts receivable aging, ledgers, production records and patient financial histories. Insurance management is a very integral part of this module.

Feeslip Entries

OPTO has a unique system for entering the services provided and the corresponding fees, which eliminates using any code numbers and minimizes typing any numbers. A route slip is printed before the services take place, which allows the doctor and the dispensary to check which services were performed and mark a diagnosis code for the insurance form.

Your fee schedule is entered into the data base on a similar set of screens. There are screens for general professional services, contact lenses, and ophthalmic materials. To enter the charges for a comprehensive exam, the cursor (a blinking rectangle) is positioned in the field next to the exam, the f key is hit, and your normal fee automatically appears for use on billing statements, insurance forms, the recall system, a doctor's production record, and a statistical analysis of your practice. OPTO already knows the CPT code numbers and a full description of the services provided for use in filling out the insurance form. The insurance form is then printed quickly following all of the intricate rules of Medicare and Medicaid.

OPTO will automatically total all of the charges for you, calculate any applicable sales taxes and allow you to enter a discount if you wish. You may override your usual fee at any time by typing in another amount. These entries are usually made while the patient is still in your office.

OPTO will calculate the correct amounts to charge VSP patients for frames and extras and how much VSP is going to pay you. When insurance checks are received, you pay off the patients which were billed to that plan. This is a great help to make sure you got paid what you were due.

Updating Recall Information

As you leave this screen, you will be asked when the patient is to return for a progress evaluation or a recall examination. You may also designate those patients to receive a follow-up letter, contact lens booklet, service agreement and a future appointment reminder. The information for your recall system and service agreement system take about a second to enter and are automatically entered on the patient's record without requiring a separate entry on that screen. OPTO will not let you leave the screen without entering the recall date, which eliminates the possibility of forgetting to enter the patient in the recall system. A walkout statement is then printed to give to the patient. This shows the charges and payments in addition to the recall recommendations and the next appointment date.

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