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Modem Requirements

A modem is a computer peripheral that allows one of your computers to communicate with another computer through a phone line. You are quite likely using a modem right now to connect up to the Internet to read this web page. OPTO uses modems for two main purposes. The first is for faxing documents directly to a receiving fax machine without printing it first and running it manually through your office fax machine. Examples of this would be faxing patient's spectacle orders to the lab, or faxing patient pre-authorization requests directly to an insurance company. The second purpose is for transmitting claims electronically to an insurance carrier or clearinghouse (EMC).

Recommended Minimum Specifications for New Equipment:

bullet56K V.90 Fax/Modem
bulletClass 2 or 2.0 Fax Support
bulletExternal (rather than internal)
V.90 is the latest standard for 56K modems and supersedes previous standards such as K56Flex and X2. Class 2 or 2.0 fax support is vital for faxing from OPTO. This is a subtle specification and carefully checked. US Robotics modems generally support this standard. Internal modems work fine, but external modems are preferred simply because it doesn't require opening the computer chassis if the modem needs to be removed.

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